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First things first! outubro 15, 2008

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So I decided to start a new blog but, unlike my previous one, this has a specific goal: to serve as a notebook for my current game design studies. I find it very nice when people share their studies even when it’s somewhat idiosyncratic, and that motivated me to keep my recordings and analysis on this blog.

I’ll try to show here pieces of studies, design deconstructions of popular games for analysis and hopefully some personal creations but I must advise you, English is not my native language but I’ll do my best to keep this blog legible.

If you read until this line then I must tell you that I have a secret agenda here, I want to create a game design portfolio. Since the size of our game industry here in Brazil is close to nothing I think this is the better way to develop some game design skills.

Hope you all enjoy the blog and don’t hesitate to comment or curse like a sailor the posts you don’t like


2 Responses to “First things first!”

  1. al Says:

    I’ll put curses first… Amplify Damage to increases ya damage on ya targets… =) So like an old necromancer, i curse this blog!

  2. Andre Says:

    No more comments…

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