Ivan Garde’s game design studies online notebook

and also an animator’s portifolio (hopefully)

Portfolio junho 19, 2009

Well, there’s my updated demo reel, some information about it:

First of all, everythig here is keyframe animation, done in 3D Studio MAx, I have done all the rigging in the reel as well, except the Dee Rig in the sectio (4) done by Manuel Sierra.

Credits and information by section

  1. Characters created by Agencia Ginga, modelled by David Hoffman and texturized by Camila Fernandes. Pre rendered for a web game. Job done for Schincariol’s (Brazilian beverage company) marketing campaign.
  2. Rei Roberto, character based on popular brazilian singer and composer Roberto Carlos, developed for a rhythm game prototype at Gamecultura. Modelled by me, textures by me and Renan Jorge.
  3. Wild animals, both animated and rigged with Character Studio by me. 3D model and textures by the South Logic‘s team, current Ubisoft Porto Alegre. Job done for the game Deer Hunter Tournament for PC, published by Atari.
  4. Dee vs Gorbachev Grill, the atomic microwave. Animated just for the portfolio, and to study Manuel Sierra’s Rig on Dee.
  5. Capadocius, model and texture by Robson Vieira.
  6. Garcia and Kanu, model and texture by Agnaldo Almeida, for a low poly NPC study
  7. Evil plant, model and texture by Robson Vieira.
  8. Slothman, model and texture by Tito Petri.
  9. Punk, model by Robson Vieira.
  10. Mount creature, model and texture by Agnaldo Almeida. Orc was modelled and texturized by Robson Vieira.  For complex rigging and quadrupedal motion study.
  11. Boneman, character used during 3D Studio MAx classes at Cadritech, model and texture by Agnaldo Almeida.
  12. Cute Alien, model by Robson Vieira, created for a game’s proof of concept in a low profile engine. In which I also happened to program.

And now, for something completely different, some loosely made illustrations:

Old Warrior and IronWingMechanic OstrichGreekPuppet and GodofTraffic


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