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and also an animator’s portifolio (hopefully)

Résumé junho 20, 2009

Ivan and gnome
I’ve tried to conciliate art and technology since my graduation in one of the major universities in Brazil, more than just entertainment I think of videogames as work of art and I’m completely passionate about them. I’ve came to found my spot in arts, more precisely character rigging and animation in 3D. I worked hard to develop my animation skills and compensate the technical formation, which in fact I figured out as an advantage since I could grasp the entire game production process and assess its limitations.

The results of such effort appeared quickly, I was soon invited in 2005 to be an animation teacher at Cadritech, direct Autodesk representative in Brazil. I kept honing my skills and one year later I was selected among the teachers to be Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max Demo Artist, which I believe can be seen as proof of my dedication and communication skills.

In the meanwhile, I pursued my goal of working with game development by creating, along with another 3 friends, a game art outsource studio: Cativeiro Studios, since there was no game development companies in São Paulo. During Cativeiro’s lifespan I have produced animations for advertisement agencies, small brazilian game developers and for the big ones as well, like South Logic, current Ubisoft Porto Alegre, whose last game, Deer Hunter Tournament, published in 2008 by Atari, features animations and rigs done by me.

In the past year I’ve been working together Gamecultura’s team, been often considered by my peers as a creative and trustworthy. At that time producing articles, serious and educational games, not only working as artist, but as game designer as well, area that I’ve direct study efforts in the past year. Along with character animation, I also have skills in low poly modeling, illustration, game design and scripting.

If you read until here, you may like to check my updated Demo Reel!

Ivan Domingos Garde
Brazilian/Italian, Born in: 21/07/1981, Single
Address: Via Gramsci, 67/A – 64021
Giulianova – TE – Italy
email: ivan [dot] garde [at] gmail [dot] com


University of São Paulo – USP – Campus São Carlos
Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação – ICMC (Institute of math sciences and computation)
Graduation in Computer Science – emphasis in Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence

Cadritech Consulting and Training in Computer Graphics
Gameware – 3D art with emphasis in interactive media

Theatrical Acting Basic Level – Actor School Brazil

Character Animation, Rigging, Game Design, Low-Poly Modeling, Scripting and Concept Art.

3D Studio Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Silo, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Combustion, Torque Editor, Unreal Editor,  C/C++ Programming, MS Office Package

Jul 2008 – Apr 2009: 3D Character Animator and Game Designer at Gamecultura – Serious and Educational Games Studio
Jan 2006 – Jun 2008: 3D Character Animator and Partner at Cativeiro Studio – Game Art Outsource Studio
May 2006 – Apr 2009:  Autodesk Demo Artist for 3DStudioMax in Brazil.
Aug 2005 – Apr 2009: 3D Animation and Modeling teacher at Cadritech Consulting and Training in Computer Graphics (Autodesk Certified Training Center).
Jan 2003 – Dec 2004: Intern (2003) and Analyst (2004) at Accenture do Brasil, acting as SAP implementation consultant (MM e WM Modules)
Jan 1997 – Dec 1997: Art Intern at Etikefix Etiquetas (label production studio) in Campo Grande-MS.


English – Fluent
Portuguese – Native Speaker
Spanish – Advanced
Italian – Intermediate



Oct/2008 – GameCareerGuide.com game design contest winner, honorable mention in Jun/2009

2007 – Part of the team that received from Autodesk the award for best teacher team in a certified Autodesk training center – South America Region.

Nov/2001 – Honorable Mention at “9º International Scientific Initiation Symposium in University of São Paulo” – SIICUSP, presenting the research: “Development of an on-line localization system for the city of São Carlos”.

Ivan vs Servers


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