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Featured! dezembro 20, 2008

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Last month I took part in a game design contest sponsored by the gamecareerguide.com. This kind of contest use to be common in the 3D artistic production area, but for game design I just found that one. The theme was to design a experimental game concept that plays with the notion of time.

Well, I found it very intriguing and wrote two entries for the contest. Submitted both here i this blog:  Dystemporalia and Cut/Insert/A day in the life (link)

The reason I’m touching this subject again is that one of the entries, Cut/Insert/A day in the life was featured as one of the three best!! Yay! You can check the result here. Also, congratulations to other winners!

The ironic part is that the concept I submitted is really something narrative-centred, those that know me in person knows that I’m always running away from defining games as a sort of narrative, like some scholars here in Brazil have been doing.

I still think games are not narratives, but narratives can be used as a game concept, specially if you like to twist tales, but this is a subject for another post.